GeoFlow Released for Public Preview

11 04 2013

In this morning’s keynote address at the PASS business Analytics Conference, Amir Netz demonstrated using GeoFlow, a geographic data visualization add-in for Excel 2013, with a set of data showing the success of pop starts and their countries of origin.  It was a very interesting display of 3D geographical data.  Amir gets so excited when he does these demonstrations and his passion for these new BI tools is infectious.

The public beta for GeoFlow is released publically today and you can download the installer from here.  I blogged about GeoFlow in a short video presentation titled SQL Server Community World Tour with GeoFlow.  I need to update my very brief set of data but it does show some of the capabilities of an earlier private preview version of the tool.

From the official Microsoft Connect page for GeoFlow, this is what you can expect to see in this release:

The GeoFlow Preview for Excel contains the following new features:

  • A single install for 32-bit and 64-bit versions

  • Geo-disambiguation dialog showing what values were not geocoded

  • Support for Tables which have Relationships

  • Add Data button in the Excel Ribbon, part of the Map split button which allows you to add data from your sheet to the Data Model after selecting it

  • Refresh Data button in the GeoFlow ribbon

  • 2D charts and brushing

  • Touch navigation and gestures

  • Navigation controls

  • New tour model with no need to save or refresh your scene

  • Transitions and Effects

  • Improved performance

  • Many improvements in the UI – ribbon, time controls, navigation controls

You can read more details in the Getting Started document.

GeoFlow can be installed here.

(Apr 14 13 Update) – GeoFlow requires Microsoft Office 2013 Pro Plus.  Make sure you have that edition of Excel installed and then download and install the add-in.  After that,  open a document in Excel, go to File > Options and Add-Ins, select to manage COM Add-ins and hit the Go button.  Check the GeoFlow for Microsoft Excel item and click OK.  That should do it!

You’ll find the GeoFlow option on the Insert ribbon, GeoFlow group and the Map drop-down button.

If you can’t get to the content on the Microsoft Connect site, try this link.  You must log into the Connect site using a Microsoft account like you would to use HotMail.

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Data Visualization Choices SQL Saturday Presentation

16 02 2013

Today in Vancouver, British Columbia, at the SQL Saturday #198; I presented a session titled “Data Visualization Choices”.  As promised, my slide deck is available for download here

This is the first draft of the session I’m preparing for the PASS Business Analytics Conference coming up on April 11-12 in Chicago.  I’ll have another update for that conference.

BI Sessions and Report Dashboard Demos at the PASS Global Summit

7 11 2012

Literally, minutes after I began posting my running notes from the keynote presentations and the first session I attended, I received a request to fill a last minute opening on the schedule and prepare a second session.  I’m working on preparing a new version of “Visual Report Design – Bringing Sexy Back”.  I will be presenting that session tomorrow.  Read the rest of this entry »

Ready for SQL PASS 2012 Global Summit

4 11 2012

Well, here I am sitting in a hotel room in Seattle on Sunday night, November 4th; the week of the PASS Global Summit.  This is my favorite week of the year in the SQL Server community.  If you’ve arrived ahead of the conference and have some time, please reach out so we can connect about BI, reporting, architectural design or life in general.  My twitter tag is @paul_turley. Read the rest of this entry »

PASS 2011 Summit–Day Two

13 10 2011

From the Keynote Bloggers’ Table

The second day of PASS started with a keynote addressed that was as well attended as yesterday – probably about 3000.  The Wireless network was saturated once again.  During the session, I was able to post this draft and then a couple of revisions. I was only able to send tweets from my phone during the keynote (I managed to exhaust my phone battery by the afternoon by doing the same yesterday so I’m being a little more conservative today).

Today’s keynote presentations outlined features and capabilities of SQL Server 2012.

Bill Graziano started out by wearing a kilt on stage and recognizing all of the participants of the PASS Kilt Day

Quentin Clark let the presentation about the new capabilities on SQL Server 2012.

Top new capabilities in SQL Server 2012

Always On provides redirection to

Fast performance

Rapid Data Exploration

Managed Self-service BI

Credible, consistent data

Lori Edwards, @sqlgal, demonstrating a complete analytic & data quality.


Peace of Mind

Brit on stage to demo appliances and PDW

Architecture is chosen and designed before selecting the hardware.  Not the other way around.

Showing us the Dell Parallel Data Warehouse.  Looks like an 8 foot tall rack .  Has 480 cores

Small: Business DW manages 1.5 TB

FASTTRACK 3.0 – Pre-configured to, plug in, load data & run in 20 min.

Extend  any data, anywhere

Statistical semantic search

Michael Rys on stage to demo

Used a very cool Silverlight app to search and show results.

Optimized productivity

SQL Server Data Tools (Project Juneau)

Scale on demand

Embeddable, portable database engine (no install)

SQL Azure

Nicholas Dritas, SQLCAT on stage to demo Azure

Mange Azure databases using SSMS – very cool

Backup Azure db from the client

Elastic scale

Cihan Biyikoglu

Sharing (Federations)

Demoing data form Blogs R Us, scalable blog service.


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