New Power BI Designer Tutorial

3 02 2015

When the Power BI Designer Preview was released a few months ago I set out to reproduce a solution I had created using the Excel 2013 Power BI tools and hit a couple of road blocks.  With a little help from my friends, community members and some bull-headed persistence, I’m proud to say that I’ve prevailed and I’m pretty hyped about what this thing can do.  The PBID includes all the goodness of Power Query and a supercharged version on Power View but it currently lacks some of the advanced modeling capabilities of Power Pivot.  Since I’ve been using Power Pivot for a few years now, I’ve figured out how to solve certain problems using DAX but hadn’t really left the shallow part of the pool with the Power Query M language.  Well, there’s nothing like a good challenge to force you into the deep water.  I reached out to some folks in the community and really appreciate the assistance from Chris Webb, and Matthew Roche & Curt Hagenlocher from Microsoft.  I’m certainly not an ‘M’ guru yet but it’s been fun working with this powerful data transformation tool.  The new video uses the UFO sightings data from the National UFO Reporting Center that I used in the Excel tools.

I’ve created another video demo/tutorial from my experience.  It’s on my YouTube channel and embedded into this page on my blog:

So far:

  • Power BI Designer Solution (part 1 of 2)
  • Power BI Designer Solution (part 2 of 2)
  • Power BI Complete Demonstration – Part 1 Power Query
  • …Part 2 Power Pivot
  • …Part 3 Power View
  • …Part 4 Data Correlation
  • …Part 5 Publish to Office 365

Get To Know D&B MVPs and SQL Server MVPs

22 12 2014

Last year Dun and Bradstreet, the world’s leading business data authority, recruited leading SQL Server MVPs to help their customers integrate business solutions using D&B services, and conducted a set of video interviews with 18 members of the MVP program community at the PASS Global Summit in Seattle.  Details about the program are on the D&B MVP Program web site here.  Many of these fine people are trusted friends, associates, and long-time members of the outstanding SQL Server community. Following is an excerpt of the announcement on the D&B MVP Program web site:

Posted by Kim Schmidt 5votes on December 19, 2014

Each year the Professional Association of SQL Server (PASS) Experts holds their annual SQL PASS Conference. This year it was held Nov. 3rd and 4th for Pre-Conference Sessions and officially the conference ran from Nov. 5th through the 7th in Seattle, WA.

We hired a professional Hollywood Videographer to tape interviews of as many of our D&B MVPs that we could, so you could "get to know them better" both in their areas of expertise as well as in their role as a D&B MVP. We taped 18 of our current 42 D&B MVPs.

I truly hope you watch this video series, even one per night (each one is between 5-9 minutes long). It will show you the collective intelligence we have in our MVPs, it will show you their fun and personable personalities, and tell you how you can contact them online.

If you are looking for the industry top experts to help with data management, Business Intelligence, problem-solving or how to use any of the business data integration services from Dun & Bradstreet, these are the people to go to.

Here are the D&B MVPs (and two others) that were interviewed that day, in the order of the video series:

D&B MVP Program Manager Kim Schmidt

D&B MVP Argenis Fernandez

D&B MVP Karen Lopez

D&B MVP Mark Tabladillo

D&B MVP Stacia Misner

D&B MVP Kevin Kline

D&B MVP Ryan McKnight

D&B MVP Tamera Clark

D&B MVP Thomas LaRock

D&B MVP Paul Turley

D&B MVP Tim Radney

D&B MVP Joey D’Antoni

D&B MVP Arnie Rowland

D&B MVP Andy Leonard

D&B MVP Denny Cherry

D&B MVP Jose Chinchilla

D&B MVP Kendal Van Dyke

D&B MVP Tim Ford

D&B MVP Luis Figueroa

Davide Mauri of Italy


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