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3 05 2014

Nice work. It will be nice if you post for download Paul!

29 04 2014
Chris Gilbert

Any chance that you could make this Excel workbook available for download? I see some visualization and DAX techniques that I’d like to study.

29 04 2014
Paul Turley

HI, Chris. This particular example was added to a rather large SSAS tabular model. When I get some time, I’ll do my best to replicate the technique in a small Power Pivot model for download.

21 04 2014

If you were going to learn one and only one language, DAX or MDX, which one would you choose and why?

23 04 2014
Paul Turley

That’s a big question and the answer would depend on a few factors. If you are working in an organization with an existing investment in SSAS multidimensional or if you have business requirements that warrant building cubes, MDX is the language you’ll need to know. If you will be creating or supporting SSAS tabular or Power Pivot models, you should learn DAX. The demand for tabular/DAX skills are smaller right now but growing where MDX skill are in demand but I don’t expect that demand to grow over time.

23 04 2014

It is indeed a big question. Thank you for your answer.

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